Meet the McBain Team

Rene Rodrigue - McBain General Manager

Rene Rodrigue

General Manager

With his heart firmly placed within his training as a photojournalist, Rene has taken a documentarian’s view of the world around him, seeking to capture candid moments and images of true humanity. These are lofty goals, but many times it simply involves harassing his family and friends with a camera.

Shauna Jackson - Store Manager - St. Albert

Shauna Jackson

Store Manager - St. Albert

Been shooting a little over 10yrs. Loves shooting wide open spaces, being out shooting gorgeous landscapes with dramatic skies. Chasing storms on the prairies for lightning, to the mountains for the beauty, to waterfalls for creating mystical images. Night skies for the stars, to the Aurora.

Jileane Stokland - Events Co-Ordinator

Jileane Stokland

Events Co-Ordinator

Jileane is the Workshop and Event coordinator. When she's not planning or attending McBain's latest shindig, she enjoys exploring the line between close-ups and candids, which mostly just means irritating her cats and partner with a lens just a little too close to their faces.

Danny Vo - Assistant Manager - Southgate

Danny Vo

Assistant Manager - Southgate

Danny discovered his passion for photography while traveling in Asia. Mainly his passion for photography resides in the genre of documentary street photography and lifestyle/fashion portraiture. In the world of digital, Danny still maintains a more analog approach to his art, choosing to document most of his street photography with black and white film, and processing his own black and white film in his bathroom.

Warren Gamache - Sales - 107th Ave.

Warren Gamache

Sales - 107th Ave.

Warren Gamache got his first camera at a flea market at the age of 11. Photography has been his principal interest ever since. After a few years of freelance photography and two years in the SAIT photojournalism program, Warren found he enjoyed helping others choose photo gear that best suited their style of photography, and passing along the knowledge he has to anyone who wants it. He's been in photo retail for 25 years and he's been with McBain for 20. He likes sandwiches.

Steven Kovick - Sales - 107th Ave.

Steven Kovick

Sales - 107th Ave.

Steven began his love of photography taking portraits of friends and family with a simple film Pentax SLR. Over time, he combined his interest in photography with that of astronomy and began to delve into astrophotography. This hobby continued to develop as the technology has, and he still enjoys capturing the night sky on cold winter nights. During the day Steven enjoys capturing moments with his family and while traveling. He loves helping people at different stages of their photography journey - whether it is picking out that very first dSLR camera to troubleshooting more complex photography challenges - he is always ready for a good camera conversation!

Stephanie Cameron - Sales - 107th Ave.

Stephanie Cameron

Sales - 107th Ave.

My name is Stephanie Cameron, and I am 25 years old. I graduated from the Photographic Technology program at NAIT in 2018, and the Digital Cinematics program in 2022. Through this process, I developed a passion for photographing live music and creating music videos. The amount of work, dedication, and creativity that goes into the visual arts is very inspiring, and I am happy to bring this passion to McBain!

John Weed - Sales - 107th Ave.

John Weed

Sales - 107th Ave.

John is an internationally published photographer and writer who hails from sunny South Wales, UK. He moved to Edmonton at a young age and still splits his time between both locations. When not wandering around seemingly aimless with several cameras attached to his body, he can be found hunched over a keyboard creating animations and online courses or you might find him behind the counter here at McBain Camera.

Sales - Southgate Centre

Tyler Satchwill

Sales - Southgate Centre

I’ve recently started exploring the history of consumer photography by getting my hands on and shooting with a wide range of vintage analog film cameras. Some of these machines were hugely influential and helped shape the consumer landscape today. Others…not so much. My favourite cameras are often the ones from the experimental periods when entrepreneurs and tinkerers were throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what would stick. My ‘fun zone’ is in the crunchy fight I get from an old Soviet Zenit, or a TLR with the ergonomics of a masonry brick.

Spencer Shortt - Content Creator

Gregg Beever

Marketing Manager

Gregg wears many hats around the office, from managing the company's marketing efforts to graphic design to keeping the website from exploding. It's a good gig he's enjoyed immensely, honing his web and design skills while picking up many new ones during his 20-year career at McBain. When Gregg isn't in front of a computer screen plotting the next marketing initiative, he enjoys digital painting, video editing, writing, and watching hockey. But if we're being honest, he's probably binging Star Trek: The Next Generation again.

Spencer Shortt - Content Creator

Spencer Shortt

Content Creator

Hi! I'm Spencer. I’ve spent the last seven years creating content for the internet and have been professionally producing both short films and photos since 2017. I have completed a diploma in Television and Broadcast Arts at NAIT and have achieved a filmmaking certificate from the U of A. I got my start in photography & filmmaking in high-school and specialize in music videos, narrative films & commercial content. I look forward to meeting you and chatting your ear off about cameras!

Collin Orthner - Red Deer Store Manager

Collin Orthner

Red Deer Store Manager

Having been no further than an arms reach of a camera for 50 years, I think its safe to say photography is of some importance to Collin! He worked as photographer and artwork production co-ordinator with the Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller as well as other government agencies in Alberta with published work around the world. Collin photographs mainly with film in many formats ranging from 110 up to 8”x10”. His main interest in photography is landscapes and architecture, in either rural or urban contexts.

Quinton Viskup - Lethbridge Store Manager

Quinton Viskup

Lethbridge Store Manager

I came into the world of photography and McBain with a background in audio. At first this felt counter intuitive but having 30+ years of retail and management experience I took it as a challenge and an opportunity to expand artistic endeavours. I was encouraged and reassured by staff and senior management at McBain that the similarities between photography and audio were astounding, they were correct. I have found a passion and enjoyment for photography that I would not have anticipated or even explored prior to being given the chance with McBain. I look at things differently than I did before and that approach has introduced new concepts for me in creating other forms of art (i.e., music and engineering). I look forward to this journey in a new hobby and my love of expression, creation and continued education... if my body lasts long enough for me to retire, I know what I will spend my golden years doing.

Allan Hazle - Sales – Lethbridge

Allan Hazle

Sales – Lethbridge

Allan has a background in videography and filmmaking, so naturally photography has always been a hobby that rides perfectly alongside. He quite enjoys the difficult ergonomics of the Rollei 35 camera. Travel photos are his favourite to look back on.