Camera Repairs

McBain Camera can facilitate warranty or out of warranty repairs for your film camera, digital camera, flash, video camcorder, etc. Bring your malfunctioning equipment to any McBain Camera location and a representative will assist you in sending it off to a repair depot.

Repairs out of warranty are subject to a $60.00 estimate fee. Should you choose to go ahead with the repair after receiving your estimate the estimate fee is put towards the cost of repair. Equipment under warranty but purchased outside of McBain Camera is also subject to a $60.00 fee to cover shipping and handling.

If you have any questions about our Repair Service please contact:

Camera Servicing

Sensor Cleaning

Your camera's sensor can accumulate dust, smears and smudges, and occasionally needs to be cleaned to ensure peak performance in every shot. That sensor, however, is very delicate and can be damaged if not cleaned by an experienced technician. Thankfully, the experts at McBain are here to help! We can safely clean your image sensor and get you back to shooting top quality photos in no time.

Drop off your DSLR or mirrorless camera for cleaning at a McBain location nearest you. For inquiries please email us at

Sensor Cleaning $70.00 per camera

Lens Calibrations

Lens calibrations improve the focus accuracy of your lens, ensuring your shots have the highest degree of sharpness! Lenses can be calibrated to any SLR with a micro focus adjustment option. Sigma and Tamron lenses that are compatible with their respective docks can also be calibrated to any camera.

Some older lenses and lenses using an adapter are not eligible for lens calibration. To learn if your lens can be calibrated, please email us at or contact one of our eight convenient locations.

To get your lens calibrated please bring your camera and lens to any McBain Camera location.

Lens Calibration $50.00 per lens, per camera

Firmware Updates

Keeping up-to-date with the latest firmware ensures you can take advantage of all the latest features available for your camera. Firmware updates can also add compatibility with lenses and accessories or improve functionality. If you are not comfortable running an update on your own, let the experts at McBain help! Bring your camera down to the McBain nearest you to have its firmware updated to the latest version. Please be sure your battery is full charged before turning it in for servicing.

Firmware Update $5.00 per update

Light Seal Replacements

The foam seals on your film camera break down over time, causing light to leak through the film door and ruin your photos. The experts at McBain can remove the offending foam and replace it so your film is protected from unwanted leaks. Drop your camera off at any McBain location to get your Light Seal Replacement started.

35mm Replacement $50.00 per camera
120 Replacement $70.00 per camera