Photo Restoration & Retouching

If you have photos in need of restoration, retouching, colourization, or repair, we have the answer! Your photos can be digitally brought back to life and restored to their original appearance.

Expert photo restoration preserves cherished memories and family history, allowing you to share beautifully restored photos with friends and family. Restored pictures also make a unique and personal gift.

Restoration Services:

  • Remove scratches, rips, discolouration and red spots
  • Enhance contrast, colour balance & exposure
  • Addition or removal of people or Objects
  • Manipulate background, eye colour, body shape and other features
  • Change black and white photos into colour
  • Change colour photos into black and white
  • Add text to photo

The Process

Great care is taken in handling your old photos and family heirlooms. Scanning your picture to create a digital file allows us to edit the photo so we don't need to touch the original. We then enhance and restore the photo to its original appearance. Once the restoration process is complete the digital file will be archived to a supplied flash drive. Our affordable restoration also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Addition or Removal of People or Objects

Have a photograph that would be just perfect if only a certain person or object was not in the scene? We can remove that person or object from your photograph so your image is exactly how you want it!

For more information please call us at (780) 420-0404 or email at

Photo Restoration Pricing

Restoration cost per image (includes flash drive) $85.00
Print scanning*
*only applies if print scan larger than 8.5x11"