Metal Prints

Impressive, colourful and contrasty prints on metal have a unique look that's sure to impress. These are prints that have been heat transferred onto aluminum sheets. The come in two varieties: clear and white. The clear option allows the bare metal to show through in the lighter areas of an image, whereas the white option looks like a high contrast, yet traditional print.

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Metal Prints

5"x 5" $19.95
5"x 7" $19.95
8"x 10" $24.95
11"x 11" $39.95
5"x 5" $19.95
11"x 14" $44.95
12"x 18" $54.95

Metal Mounted Prints*

5"x 7" on 8"x 10" $44.95
8"x 10" on 11"x 14" $69.95
11"x 14" on 16"x 20" (not available online) $119.95
2x 8"x 10" on 16"x 20" (not available online) $124.95

Metal Calendars

12 Month $59.95
*Metal Print mounted in front of larger, clear metal sheet.