Welcome to wide-format printing! Using our high-end giclee printer, McBain Camera prints a staggering variety of large sizes on an equally large variety of paper-types. Please note the canvas prints listed here comes unwrapped. If you would like your print wrapped on a wooden frame our Gallery Wrap prices are listed below.

Times required for each photofinishing service depends on the store location and work load. For a listing of store locations, contacts and phone numbers please visit locations or contacts.

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Please Note: All orders received after December 10th are not guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. Bulk orders received after December 1st cannot be guaranteed for delivery by Christmas.

Wide Format/Archival Inkjet Prints

Size Matte or Glossy Paper Canvas or
Fine Art Photo Rag
Metallic Paper
11"x14" $12.95 $27.95 $18.95
12"x18" $17.95 $38.95 $25.95
16"x20" $24.95 $57.95 $38.95
18"x36" $51.95 $114.95 $77.95
20"x24" $37.95 $84.95 $57.95
20"x30" $47.95 $107.95 $71.95
24"x30" $57.95 $129.95 $86.95
24"x36" $69.95 $154.95 $103.95
Custom $0.08/sq inch (minimum charge $12.95) $0.18/sq inch (minimum charge $27.95) $0.12/sq inch (minimum charge $18.95)

Gallery Wraps

Wrap Size
(full print size)
(14.75"x 17.75")
(15.75"x 21.75")
(21.75"x 39.75")
(23.75"x 27.75")
(23.75"x 33.75")
(27.75"x 33.75")
(27.75"x 39.75")
Custom $0.60/sq inch
Wrap Border
(For images too tightly cropped to faithfully reproduce in a wrap, available in black or white)

Add ons

Custom Borders Add $15.00
Scanning Fee
For prints from a negative, slide, or print (8.5"x 11" and smaller)
Add $2.99 (1000dpi)
Rush Fee
Available for orders of 1-2 prints to be completed within 1 business day
Add $9.99
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery