Passport Photos in 5 Minutes!

Passport photos are available at any McBain Camera location and they're ready in 5 minutes! We can take your Canadian passport, citizenship or permanent resident photos. For all other identification photos please bring with you the photo specifications (dimensions of photo, head size, etc.) when you come to have your picture taken.

Please keep the following in mind when you come in for your photo:

  • Wear a colored shirt, darker colors are best. If you wear a headdress, also please ensure these are a darker color.
  • Please do not wear jewelery that is very reflective, this includes earrings and facial piercings.
  • Please do not wear lipstick, you will be asked to take it off.

Passport Pricing

Passport/ID Photo $20.00
Digital Passport/ID Photo
Photos delivered via E-mail.
Premium Passport/ID Photo
Any ID photo that requires digital editing.
Additional Print Sets $10
per set

Download your Canadian Passport application from

Please note: We do not save passport photo files, if you require extra prints please let our sales associates know at the time of purchase.