Student Pricing

Student Pricing Program

At McBain Camera, we're proud to support post secondary students in their education with our Student Pricing Program. We offer the following discounts for customers with a valid student ID card:

  • 15% OFF all Regular Soft Good Items.
    includes bags, filters, memory cards, tripods and more.
  • 20% OFF all Photofinishing

We also offer discounts exclusively for students in photography programs:

  • Savage Mount Board 16x20
    1 for $29 -- SAVE $3.50
    or 2 for $45 -- SAVE $20

  • Sekonic L-478DR Light Meter
    Only $474.95 -- SAVE $75

  • Passport Colorchecker
    Only $149.95 -- SAVE $20

  • Pocket Wizard Plus 2 Pack
    Only $229.95 -- SAVE $30

Student Programs by Camera Brand

Students are also eligible for purchase programs from manufacturers in the photographic community. The following list highlights what you need to do to qualify for these discounts, some programs require a membership number before your purchase. Please note approval for your qualifying discounts can take up to 6 weeks.

Canon Student CPS

Membership fee is $50 for a 2-year Student CPS giving you access to student-specific pricing discounts on a selection of professional products. Benefits include:

  • Membership-exclusive promotions, discounts and contests; subsidized incoming overnight shipping charges ($10) on eligible product.
  • These charges will be added to the repair service charge. Return shipping is free for warranty repairs, and a flat $10 fee will be charged for return shipping of out-of-warranty service.
  • Expedited service turnaround target of six days.
  • 20% discount for repair parts and labour for eligible products.

» Apply here.

Fuji Education Program

Membership is free. You will need your Fuji Education number to receive an instant rebate at the time of purchase on the select items listed in the program.

» Apply here.

Nikon NPS Campus

Membership is free. This includes mail-in rebates after the time of purchase (to see a full list of eligible products please visit us in-store or contact us), 20% off repairs, and 72 hour repair turnaround. You must have a valid NPS Campus number to qualify for the mail in rebates.

» Apply here under "Service and Support".

Sony Education Program

There is no need to apply for the Sony Education Program. All you need is proof of enrollment in a photo program (e.g. a letter of acceptance and student ID) to qualify for 10% off any Sony camera, lens or flash. If item is on sale you receive whichever discount is greater.

Broncolor Educational Pricing

There is no need to apply for Broncolor Educational Pricing. All you need to qualify is your letter of acceptance into a photo program and your student ID. Education Pricing varies, visit us in-store or contact us to see a full education price list. All Education priced items are special order only.

Profoto Educational Program

There is no need to apply for the Profoto Educational Program. All you need to qualify is your letter of acceptance into a photo program and your student ID. All Studio lights are 10% off of the retail price and are special order only.