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Our experienced instructors will help expand your photographic skillset with workshops held at various locations. These classes cover a wide range of topics, in colour or black-and-white photography, using the latest digital imaging options. Workshops use techniques that are best developed utilizing a digital SLR or at a very minimum a digital camera that has full manual features. Evening workshops are divided into multiple sessions of approximately 2 hours each. Saturday workshops are full days of approximately 7 hours.

Workshop spaces will only be reserved with payment. Should you wish to cancel a spot in a workshop, 1 week notice is required. Refunds not available for late cancellations. If you have any questions please call 1-800-661-6980, or email workshop@mcbaincamera.com.


Workshops & Events:

Basic Studio Lighting

Is it time to upscale your lighting? Take the intimidation out of studio lighting by attending the 3 hour basic studio lighting workshop. In this workshop we will cover the differences in studio lights, TTL vs …   » read more

Coffee with Olympus

Register now for a free 45-minute small-group tutorial over coffee with an Olympus trainer. We will take you through the ins and outs of your camera so that you know where everything is! Be sure …   » read more

How to Clean Your Sensor

Cleaning you camera's sensor helps to ensure your images stay clear, so you can spend more time shooting and less time in Photoshop. In this 1 hour seminar we will teach you how to safely perform …   » read more

ILFORD Photo Film Photo Walk Edmonton

Join George Stastny from McBain Camera for our 2019 Ilford Photo Film Photography Walk in Edmonton, Alberta. Participants will meet in front of the Royal Alberta Museum at 4 pm on July 27th for a quick talk …   » read more

Introduction to Mirrorless Video

Learn how to get the most out of the videos you create with your Panasonic Mirrorless Camera with instructor Duane Bradley. Duane will explain the differences between a 1080p vs 4k workflow, as well as …   » read more

Introduction to Photoshop

This full day workshop establishes the basics of using Adobe Photoshop. You will learn everything you need to know to establish an effective workflow from importing your images through Adobe Bridge, basic non-destructive editing and …   » read more

Introduction to Wildlife Photography

This full day classroom session will provide insight into wildlife photography; including getting the most of your current equipment, understanding your subject, safety concerns for the photographer as well as the wildlife, and strategies for …   » read more

Macro Photography 1- Basics

The Macro photography workshop explores close-up photography. It will show you what macro photography really is, and explore the various techniques and equipment to get the most out of your close-up shots. Equipment List Camera …   » read more

Macro Photography 2 - Advanced

Take your macro photography to the next level. Hone your skills in focusing and lighting using a ring flash and focusing rails. Go beyond life size with focus stacking techniques. This class is very hands-on, …   » read more

Mastering Your Digital Camera

The foundation for all other workshops, Mastering Your Digital Camera will teach you about the different shooting modes of your SLR. Some of the concepts covered are depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. …   » read more

Mastering Your Digital Camera - Ladies Only

The foundation for all other workshops, Mastering Your Digital Camera will teach you about the different shooting modes of your SLR. This installment of the workshop is offered as a "Women Only" class to provide …   » read more

Panasonic Falcon Experience

Get hands-on experience with Panasonic mirrorless cameras and lenses while taking stunning photographs of peregrine falcons at Phil and Helen Trefry's breeding facility. Phil and Helen have been breeding peregrine falcons and practicing falconry for …   » read more