Ricoh WG-70 Waterproof Camera (orange)




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A rugged chassis you can rely on in the harshest conditions. Exceptional 14 meter waterproof (up to 2 hours) and 1.6 meter shockproof.

With features that include uncompromising waterproofing—good for two hours of continuous use at a depth of 14 meters—freeze proofing* that ensures operation at temperatures of −10 °C, shock proofing capable of withstanding drops of 1.6 meters, and crush proofing capable of withstanding forces of 100 kgf, this rugged camera can be used in all conditions.

* Battery capacity drops with ambient temperature, reducing the number of pictures that can be taken on a single charge.

A rugged chassis ready for the outdoors.

The WG-70 is designed for every imaginable outdoor environment and adds to the experience with features such as Underwater mode for underwater photography, and an Outdoor View setting that adapts monitor brightness to ambient lighting.

Sharp, high-resolution images with 5X optical zoom starting from wide-angle of 28mm*

Enjoy the high-definition image quality offered by a camera with an approximately 16 effective megapixels, a lens with 5× optical zoom starting from a wide-angle of 28 mm *, and image processing incorporating “ultra-high resolution” technology.

* 35 mm format equivalent


Equipped with a chassis featuring the uncompromising water-, dust-, cold-, and shock-resistance so essential for construction worksites, the WG-70 also boasts six LED lamps arranged around the lens to provide lighting for macro photography.

  • 16 megapixels sensor
  • 14 meter waterproof (up to 2 hours)
  • 1.6 meter shockproof.
  • 5X optical zoom starting from wide-angle of 28mm
  • Six image tone options
  • Full HD (16:9) video at 30 fps
  • Outdoor View Setting: The brightness of the LCD monitor can readily be adapted to changes in ambient lighting conditions.
  • Choose from 25 Shooting Modes
  • Underwater Mode: reduces the blue color cast
  • Flash Off/Flash On
  • Macro Mode with six LED lamps and close 1 cm (0.03ft) focus
  • Post-Shooting Digital Filters
  • Automatically Capture
  • Smiling Faces with Smile Capture
  • Self-Portrait Assist
  • Shrink Faces with the Small Face Filter
  • Compress Time with Interval Movie
  • Other Features: Face detection autofocus and auto exposure for up to 32 subjects/Auto Tracking AF/AF assist lamp/Pixel Track SR/Continuous shooting/Burst shooting/Auto bracketing/D-Range (dynamic range) options/Ink Rubbing filter/Quick movie editing/Support for remote control (remote control available separately)

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