Panasonic BQ-CC01 AA Battery Charger

Panasonic BQ-CC01 AA Battery Charger


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Charger performance can have a significant impact on battery performance and having the right charger is as important as having the right battery. Poorly engineered chargers can damage batteries, resulting in reduced battery life and shallow life cycles. The BQ-CC01 charger features a sophisticated design that protects your batteries from being overcharged or damaged.

  • Individual LEDs indicate charge status
  • Built-in sensors detect individual battery condition and alters charge rate accordingly
  • Prevents overcharging and extends battery life
  • Individual charge control
  • Up to 4 batteries can be charged at once
  • Built-in temperature control shuts charger off if battery becomes overheated
  • Once battery cools, charger will automatically start the charging process up to 3 times
  • Compact with flip out plug
  • World voltage adaptable
  • Built-in safety features
  • Alkaline, reverse polarity and bad cell detection
  • Customized charge terminals for AA and AAA
  • One touch release
  • Energy efficient