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The 100mm F2.8 Macro (SAL100M28) is a medium telephoto lens that provides amazingly sharp images, and the working distance you need to use lighting setups, reflectors, and other advanced macrophotography techniques. The increased working distance also makes it easier to get 1:1 life-size images of butterflies and other small, camera-shy creatures. A double floating mechanism minimizes aberrations to ensure crystal-clear imaging from infinity down to the minimum shooting distance of 35cm/13.8", enabling the lens to perform as beautifully on portraits and landscapes as it does on macro close-ups.

Like its 50mm sibling, the 100mm F2.8 Macro has a wide, easy-to-rotate focus ring with auto clutch, a focus hold button, a focus range limiter, and is designed for smooth intuitive operation during auto and manual focusing.

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