Unicolor C-41 LIQUID Film Developer Kit (1 Gallon)



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Created for it's ease of mixing and renown for the quality, the C-41 Ultrafine Uniclor Kit gets you processing your own C-41 films in no time at all. Perfect for the novice amateur or even a griseled veteran professional photographer, when you need to have the right processing tolos in your darkroom, here is a great start. Ultrafine Unicolor chemicals make it possible to process your own film in this easy to use C-41 Liquid Quart Kit. This all liquid kit allows you to process virtually any C-41 film out there in under 13 minutes. Features Quick developing time of 13 minutes at 100+ degrees F Yields approximately 8 - 10 rolls of 36 exposure film Develop all types of C-41 type film and with the extra remjet step ECN type films as well

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