Impossible PX 680 Color Protection Film (600)

Impossible PX 680 Color Protection Film (600)


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Thanks to an innovative color protection formula that greatly improves the opacification process - Color Protection Film finally allows for easy shooting without the need for immediate shielding of the photos. It also delivers a never-before-seen color saturation, a completely new level of detail and sharpness and overall stunning image quality.

  • 8 Exposures per pack
  • Film Speed: ISO 600
  • Type: Colour Integral Instant Film for Polaroid 600 cameras.
  • Format: 3.5 x 4.2 in. (8.8 x 10.7 cm)
  • Image Area: 3.1 x 3.1 in. (7.9 x 7.9 cm)
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Development: 30 - 40 minutes approximately at 70F (21C)
  • Battery: Built in, long lasting battery to power up the camera and flash