Inspire 1 Remote Controller


Take absolute control of your Inspire 1 with DJIs most sophisticated remote controller to date. Featuring dedicated buttons for photo and video capture, a gimbal control dial, an integrated rechargeable battery and more, its easy and intuitive to fly. The controller has an HDMI and USB port allowing you to connect mobile devices or compatible screens.

  • Operating Frequency: 922.7~927.7 MHz (Japan Only), 5.728~5.850 GHz, 2.400~2.483 GHz
  • Transmitting Distance (Outdoor And Unobstructed): 2 km
  • EIRP: 10dBm@900m?13dBm@5.8G?20dBm@2.4G
  • Video Output Port: USB, HDMI
  • Power Supply: Built-in battery
  • Charging: DJI charger
  • Dual User Capability: Host-and-Slave connection
  • Mobile Device Holder: Tablet or Phone
  • Output Power: 9 W
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 40 C
  • Storage Temperature Range: Less than 3 months: -20 to 45 C, More than 3 months: 22 to 28 C
  • Charging Temperature Range: 0-40 C
  • Battery: 6000 mAh LiPo 2S