Promaster Traveler and Dual Charger SLR

Promaster Traveler and Dual Charger SLR
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ept2016-accessories-promaster Charge two digital SLR batteries at once with the ProMaster Traveler+ Dual Battery Charger and ensure that you always have a fully charged spare. The Traveler+ Dual Charger is also a great solution for camera grips, which require two batteries. It works with a wide variety of lithium ion digital SLR batteries. The built-in USB power port lets you charge phones, tablets, and other USB devices, too.

  • Fast Charging: Charges 2 batteries in 2 hours or less
  • LCD FUEL GAUGE: Shows remaining capacity as well as charging progress for each battery
  • Worldwide Power Compatibility: 100 – 240V internal switching power supply
  • USB Power port: Charges your mobile devices