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Simply connect the HDMI output from a DSLR, camcorder, action cam, game console or Atomos monitor recorder to the new Atomos Connect, plug it into a computer or laptop, select a streaming application (like StreamLabs OBS, Wirecast or X-plit) and you are ready to go live. With this product you are able to turn any HDMI camera into a webcam for videocall, etc.

Atomos Connect will take the maximum quality in HD or 4K30p from the input source and can output a maximum resolution up to 1080p60 - rather than the 1080p30 limit offered by similar solutions. Combine it with any Atomos device for an optimized workflow.

Connect easily merges the camera shots with social media audience at the highest possible quality.

  • Customer satisfaction buying from a reliable brand related to filmmaker solutions.
  • Innovation. The only one offering HD1080p60 output
  • Easy buying process buying directly from stablished company
  • in the territory.
  • Background and added value of Atomos added into the product
  • After sales support
  • Set-up guides for every software, from streaming to video chat.
  • Full Integration with other Atomos products
  • Warranty worldwide

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