Sony 128GB SDXC Tough V60/USH-II US/Class10



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Introducing the ultra strong, super fast SF-M series TOUGH
When you're shooting in challenging environments, SF-M series TOUGH specification SD cards are ideal. Designed for a wide range of professional photographers and videographers, as well as photo enthusiasts, they're rugged enough for the most extreme shoots. With rock solid reliability and fast speed, you have all the performance you need to catch the action.

World's Toughest
18 more bending resistance
An ultra-strong resin-molded design makes SF-M series TOUGH specification cards 18 times more resistant to bending than the SD standard. That's toughness you can rely on.

Waterproof and dustproof
SF-M series TOUGH specification cards can be immersed in 16.4 feet of water for up to 72 hours, and are completely dustproof. That's total protection for shooting in all conditions.

Withstands drops of up to 16.4 feet
Made from rock-solid materials in a one-piece mold, SF-M series TOUGH specification withstands drops of up to 16.4 feet.

World's toughest one-piece molded design
With an innovative one-piece molded design and high-durability materials, SF-M series TOUGH specification cards give professionals and photo enthusiasts peace of mind and protection wherever their shoots take them.

Rib-less, write-protect switch-less design
New SF-M series TOUGH specification cards get rid of the fragile connector ribs and write-protect switch found on conventional SD cards - parts which are easy to break and can prevent writing.

Supreme durability and reliability | For today's demanding professionals
Speed you can rely on
Whether you're a professional photographer shooting high-resolution still images, a videographer working in 4K on a documentary, or a photo enthusiast exploring remote landscapes, these memory cards have the speed you need to capture the action. They provide fast buffer clearing time after burst shooting and efficiently transfer content to a computer.

Rapid write speeds
With fast write speeds of up to 150 MB/s4, these cards support longer burst shooting of high resolution photos, as well as faster buffer memory clearing.

Lightning fast backup and data transfer
Spend more time shooting and less time transferring or backing up. With extremely fast read speeds up to 277 MB/s4, you can transfer even the largest media files to a computer in seconds.

Optimized for high-resolution video with V60
SF-M series TOUGH specification cards support the V60 Video Speed Class for stable 4K recordings and high-bitrate video capture. Ideal for shooting all kinds of high-resolution video.

Reliability, backed up
Custom software keeps your card performing at its peak
Scans and monitors your memory
Over time, SD card memory wears out and no longer records data reliably. SD Scan Utility automatically scans your SD card memory, keeping you informed of its condition so you can take action before the limit is reached. Available for free download.

  • 128 GB Storage Capacity
  • 277 MB/s Max. Read Speed
  • 150 MB/s Max. Write Speed
  • SDXC Memory Card

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