Panasonic SDHC 8GB C10 UHS-1 Memory Card

Panasonic SDHC 8GB C10 UHS-1 Memory Card
  • Speed class 10 (UHS-1: Ultra High Speed): Minimum sustained transfer speed of 10MB/sec, Maximum transfer speed of 90MB/sec
  • SDHC specification: Compatible with SD card version 3.1
  • Content/media write protection switch
  • Intelligent data security: Power fail protection, Smart data writing, Over 10x longer archiving life
  • Ideal for 3D, HD video recording, D-SLR cameras and continuous/burst shooting modes
  • AVCHD Full HD video data written on a GOLD series card can be transferred to a PC approximately 40% faster when compared to a Cass 4 card
  • Improved construction (Proof 5): Waterproof, Shockproof, Magnetproof, X-Ray proof, Extreme temperature proof
  • Extreme bending/twisting: guaranteed to be 2x stronger than the industrys minimum specifications