Hoodman HoodLoupe Outdoor Loupe for 3.0

Hoodman HoodLoupe Outdoor Loupe for 3.0


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Checking composition, focus and your histogram outdoors is easy with a HoodLoupe. HoodLoupe is worn around your neck. To review images, glare-free, place HoodLoupe over your LCD. HoodLoupe’s + 3 diopter adjustment accommodates those with less than perfect vision; turn the eyepiece in or out to set your vision. Precise glass optics give you a bright, clear and non-pixelated image to view. The new 3 lens optical module accepts multiple mounting bases. Should your LCD size change, you just need to buy the HoodLoupe base that fits your new LCD. To save space, the optical module separates from the base which will nest over the optical module and fit snuggly in its carry bag. HoodLoupe integrates with all Hoodman live view mounting plates for hands-free use. The neck lanyard provided can be upgraded to a retractable lanyard that clips to your belt.

  • + 3 Diopter
  • Space Save Design
  • Glass Optics
  • Fits ALL 3" LCD & All Nikon LCDs (Except models D5, D750, D500 & D5600 which require the H32MB HoodLoupe)