Ricoh Theta S Camera (black)

Ricoh Theta S Camera (black)
DISC 910720

68years-flashes-pentax 360° Experience
Experience a new world of images with the Ricoh Theta S. With one touch of a button, spherical images and videos are created which are unlike anything you've ever seen. The Theta S offers capabilities not previously attainable in past models including a larger 1/2.3-inch image sensor, which gives you approximately 14 megapixel, high-quality spherical images. Improvements have been made for low light shooting, including the addition of a newly developed bright f/2.0 lens along with the option to shoot in Manual Mode and set shutter speeds up to 60 seconds. Capture up to 25 minutes of Full HD video which can be transferred and viewed directly on to your mobile device. The Theta S's built-in memory can store up to 8GB of data. The newly upgraded Wi-Fi module allows significantly faster transfer of spherical images and HD Video with Wi-Fi transfer speeds of 8Mbps. The addition of LED status notification on the Theta S body itself, allows you to easily switch between still image and movie mode. With the newly developed Live View function, use your smartphone as your viewfinder to actually see what you are capturing. Experience live streaming with your Theta S by connecting to your PC with a USB or HDMI cable. Capture and share instant spherical images and videos to your favorite social media sites. Discover, capture and share your world in 360-degree images and videos, the future of digital photography.

  • Capture Spherical Images and Videos – Easily capture and share everything in your environment with the Theta S. Featuring a twin-lens folded-optical system, view and share completely spherical images.
  • Improved Image Quality – Equipped with a larger (1/ 2.3-inch) image sensor, enjoy high-quality spherical images at approximately 14 megapixels. The Theta S features a newly designed lens, optimized for the new sensor, providing sharper images.
  • High Movie Quality – Improved hardware enables 30fps of Full HD original data. Recording time is also improved to a maximum of 25 minutes.
  • Improved User Interface with more functions – Added to the Theta S is an LED status notification on the body of the device, which allows you to switch between still image and movie mode more easily than previous models. Wi-Fi speed has also been upgraded to 8Mbps, as well as built-in memory to store up to 8GB.
  • Live View and Live Streaming Functionality – Live View function is added with still images. With this new function, 10fps images are displayed as a preview on your smartphone. Enjoy live streaming when your device is connected to either a USB or HDMI cord.
  • Dedicated Application – The Theta applications allow for easy shooting and sharing of your spherical images and videos. From the applications you can capture still images and videos, employ full command and control over various shooting modes, and share your spherical images and videos directly to social media. Additional Theta applications will allow you to edit your spherical images to the way you want them to be.
  • RICOH Theta S
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