Fuji WCL-X100 Wide Angle Conversion Lens (black)

DISC 16260327


Designed specifically for X100 to achieve premium image quality comparable to that of the original lens even when wide open at f/2.0. Does not affect the minimum working distance in macro photography.

  • Does not require an adapter ring to fit the conversion lens.
  • Using the same design as X100 lenses' barrel and hood (color, surface treatment, material) to offer a premium texture consistent with the looks of the camera body.
  • Can be used with X100's lens hood.
  • Comes with a 49mm snap-on cap, which can also be used when an adapter ring and lens hood are attached to X100.
  • In the OVF Mode, the four corners of the shooting range frame are marked with corner icons
  • The frame marked with the corner icons is equivalent to 80% of the viewing area v.s capturing area.
  • The displayed distance index takes into account the focal distance of the wide conversion lens so as to offer the same operability as X100.