Swarovski 25-55WW Ocular

Swarovski 25-55WW Ocular


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With the new Swarovski Optik 25-50x W eyepiece, you can enjoy the viewing comfort of a wide-angle eyepiece across the entire magnification range. With a weight of only 10.4oz and a unique optical system with a spherical lens for an edge-to-edge viewing experience in sharp detail, this new eyepiece is a tribute to SWAROVSKI OPTIK'S innovative technology.

Outstandingly suitable for digiscoping. All existing Swarovski Optik adapters are also compatible with this eyepiece due to dimensions matching those of the 20-60x eyepiece.

The magnification range covers the most common settings in birdwatching and enable scanning of the terrain in addition to accurate bird identification. With the wide-angle zoom it is possible to take photos of flocks and also to take detailed photos of individual species.