LEE 100x150mm Sky Filter Set



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Available in optically correct resin. This set is for the 100mm System, but individual filters are available in a range of sizes.

The purpose of the Sky Set is to enhance the colours in the sky, and is particularly useful when a sunrise or sunset hasnít quite lived up to expectations.

The Sunset 2 enhances warm tones, typical of the light at the end of the day, the Sky Blue 3 introduces colour into lifeless skies, while the Coral Stripe boosts a selective area of the frame Ė usually directly above the horizon.

  • Coral Stripe: Pinkish warm-up, redder than the 81 series.
  • Sky Blue 3: A green-blue to bring realistic colour into flat skies. Available with Hard or Soft gradation.
  • Sunsets 2: For a sunset effect when shooting into a low sun.