Due North Leather Wrist Strap (Cognac Brown)

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Introducing Due North Leather Good's classic line of handmade leather wrist straps. A great deal of thought and time were given in the creation of these wrist straps, resulting in something truly special.

The classic wrist strap is a 7-ounce harness veg tan leather. Each piece undergoes a leather conditioning process which helps enhance the colour and adds an extra degree of durability.

The classic line is available in mirage black, cognac brown and russet honey colours.

All wrist straps feature a saddle-stitched leather loop and machine pressed quality rivets.

Every wrist strap comes with a camera bumper which is compatible with all round lug mount DSLR, film SLR, digital mirrorless and rangefinder cameras.

DueNorth Leather Goods Co. is determined to make nothing but the best handmade wrist straps that all photographers will enjoy using. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and we are proud to share this passion with you our loyal customers.

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