MIOPS Smart Trigger Canon C1 RS80


The MIOPS Smart starts a new era in high speed photography with the flexibility of smart phone platform and the power of electronics.

It is designed to add advanced triggering features to your SLR cameras. The MIOPS Smart works by sensing a change based on its mode and then quickly firing your camera in order to capture moments. It features six different modes of operation with adjustable sensitivity in order to fit your needs.

MIOPS Smart is not the first trigger in the market, but it is the best one. You can control MIOPS Smart with your BT4.0 compatible smartphone over Bluetooth. You can adjust the settings using dedicated smart phone application and send them to MIOPS Smart with a simple click on your phone

The different modes include Lightning, Sound, Timelapse, Laser, HDR, DIY and Custom Scenario. The Lighting mode triggers your camera to catch light events like lightning or fireworks. The Sound mode activates upon hearing a noise and the Laser mode triggers when the beam is broken. The additional modes add HDR and Timelapse capabilities to your camera. Also, the DIY mode allows you to create any kind of triggering system you would like. You can also perform complex scenarios like combining different modes in the same setup.

This system allows for automated advanced shooting of high-speed or difficult to capture subjects. It also has adjustable sensitivity via the color LCD screen for more precise triggering. The MIOPS Smart includes a camera connection cable and a PC Sync cable for triggering flashes.

  • Smartphone Controllable: You can control the MIOPS Smart through your BT4.0 compatible IOS or Android phone
  • Firmware Upgradable: Download the new firmware and upgrade your MIOPS within a few minutes
  • Easy to Use: Seamless navigation experience between functions thanks to user friendly menu
  • Compact Size: Very lightweight and compact sized. You can carry it around in your bag easily
  • Colorful Screen: Whether it’s day or night MIOPS Smart’s colorful screen will provide you the best solution while taking shots
  • Chargable Battery: Works with rechargable BL5C battery and battery life is extended with minimum power consumption
  • Lightning Mode: Lightning mode as the name suggests this is a “light activated trigger”, capturing events such as lightning, fireworks and other occasions where a sudden change in light is detected.
  • Sound Mode: Sound Mode can be used to capture High Speed events like popping balloons, breaking glasses, exploding items etc
  • Laser Mode: Laser Mode is great for wildlife, water drops and exploiding items. A basic laser pointer is required to use this feature.
  • Timelapse Mode: Timelapse Mode triggers your camera to your desired time interval between each shot. It is easy to create Timelapse videos.
  • HDR Mode: HDR Mode allows the user to set the MIOPS Smart to fire off a burst of bracketed shots of up to 7 frames with an exposure bias of 1/3, 1/2 and 1 stop.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Mode: DIY mode allws you to trigger your camera by receiving any type of external signal as a triggering event.
  • Scenario Mode: In this mode you can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor.
  • Cable Release: You can use your smartphone as a remote control and trigger your camera once you click the button on smartphone app.
  • Press & Lock: Press & Lock mode will open the shutter with a tap on the screen. The shutter will remain open until you tap the screen again.
  • Press & Hold: Using Press & Hold mode you can keep the shutter open as long as you want. The shutter will open when you press the circle and it will close whenever you release it.
  • Timed Release: In this mode you can keep the shutter open for a certain period of time. You can specify the time period in seconds. You can go up to 1 hour.
  • 1 x MIOPS Smart
  • 1 x BL5C Battery
  • 1 x Camera Connection Cable
  • 1 x Flash Connection Cable