Promaster Deluxe Soft Shutter Release (black & red)


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Many Popular cameras are built in with a traditional, threaded shutter release button. A lot of Fuji X-series Cameras use them, as well as the Olympus Pen-F, Sony RX-1R, and Sony RX10 cameras. Add this the resurgence of people using vintage cameras like the Canon AE-1 and Nikon F3 and you have a large audience for a Deluxe Soft Shutter Release Button.

When we say "Deluxe" we mean it! You may have used soft shutter buttons in the past, but not like this. The quality and feel are a luxurious experience. The button is made of solid copper with a soft, textured insert, It looks and feels great!

A soft shutter release improves the look and feel of your camera. It also helps with fast street photography-style photos by elevation the shutter button above all the other controls on top of the camera. This makes it easy to find the shutter button in a hurry while keeping you eyes forward.

Promaster's line of Deluxe Soft Shutter Releases come in three colour combinations: Silver & Black, Black & Red, and the stealthy all-black. Each release includes a small o-ring which can optionally be used on some cameras to ensure the release won't back-off the threads too easily and get lost. A second o-ring is also included as a spare.