Mobifoto 18 Inch II Bi-Colour Ring LED Light Creator Kit



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Make your vlogging instantly beautiful with this Mobifoto 18" bi-colour LED ring light vlog kit. It boasts a dimmable light intensity control from 100% to 10% brightness that lets you adjust the lighting as per your needs. Its variable direction ball-head mount offers multiple light angles to focus on different subjects without moving the included tripod.

  • Compatible with all smartphones and compact cameras
  • 416 LED ring light produces a beautiful soft, directional light and stays cool for comfortable close up use
  • Dimmable for light intensity control from 100% to 10%
  • Quick colour temperature control with manual settings for 3200 degrees K / 5800 degrees K. Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >90
  • Built in USB out port to charge your phone while Vlogging so your battery is always charged up
  • 3X Smartphone mount with flexible stick allows for both horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Smartphone adapter with 1/4"-20 mount
  • Variable direction ball head mount allows you to angle the light to suit each shot's exact needs and mount cameras to the ring light
  • Variable direction ball head mount with shoe mount to mount cameras and accessories to the ring light
  • 3 cold shoe mounts on the ring light to attach accessories such as microphones or teleprompters using included cold shoe ball head
  • Compact foldable light-stand expands to maximum height of 1.8m (70")
  • Aluminum and plastic construction is strong and resilient yet lightweight 0.23k (.5lb) for all day use and travel
  • Ballistic fabric kit bag holds the light ring and all included accessories. Bag comes with both shoulder and hand carry straps

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