Sirui Traveler 7C Carbon Fibre Tripod with E-10 Ball Head



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All-round tripod with ball head

Anyone looking for a compact all-round tripod will be happy with the SIRUI Traveler 7. With its powerful ball head and integrated monopod, the small tripod offers everything a photographer needs. Whether in the bustling city, exploring exciting landscapes, on trips or in the home studio, the Traveler 7 is at your side. And the 46.5 cm pack size turns into a tripod up to 171 cm in size.
Make a monopod out of a tripod

One leg of the tripod can be removed and used as an independent monopod. This function turns the Traveler 7 into a 2in1 tripod, with which you are armed for every situation. If that's not enough, the leg can be extended with the center column to an incredible 174.5 cm working height (with head).

If you prefer it low, you can mount the center column upside down. Your camera was never been closer to the ground!
Stability and intuitive usability

With its non-slip rubber feet and the included metal spikes, the tripod stands securely on any surface. For more stability, the load hook on the center column can be stabilized with a backpack. Thanks to the soft foam rubber handles, you always have your tripod safely under control. In winter they also serve as protection against the cold.
Compact pack size

The proven 180º turn-over function of the legs also makes this SIRUI tripod a real packing miracle. The Traveler 7 measures just 46.5 cm when packed. The ball head is completely enclosed.
Including ball head

It is equipped with the Safety Lock System to prevent the quick release plate from accidentally slipping. It also has a level bubble and a 360º panorama scale. It is compatible with the Arca Swiss system.

  • Integrated monopod
  • Top quality carbon fibre in 4 sections
  • Reversible 1/4 "and 3/8" screw for tripod heads or camera
  • Fixation screw for tripod head
  • Center column protected against twisting
  • 1/4 "accessory connection for microphone, light etc.
  • Legs can be folded upwards by 180º
  • Twist locks ensure a firm hold
  • Stabilizing hooks and cold foam handles
  • Technical data of tripod including ball head
  • Min. Height with center column: 500mm
  • Height without center column: 620mm
  • Max. Height with center column: 1710mm
  • Height monopod: 500-1745mm
  • Pack size: 465mm
  • Pipe diameter: 15 - 25.8mm
  • Weight: 1.59kg
  • Max. Load capacity: 14kg
  • Material: carbon fibre
  • Technical data ball head
  • Weight: 0.28kg
  • Height: 88mm
  • Ball diameter: 29mm
  • Base diameter: 43mm
  • Level bubble and safety pin
  • Incl. quick release plate (Arca Swiss compatible)
  • Material: aluminum
  • 1x SIRUI Traveler 7A tripod / monopod carbon fibre
  • 1x SIRUI aluminum ball head with quick release plate
  • 3x metal spike
  • 1x transport bag

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