Promaster Still Life 24x24 Studio

DISC 1874

This item is no longer available.

  • High quality LED light strips are used inside the studio rather than shining in from the outside like competitor light tent models.
  • The interior of the Still Life Studio is lined with a reflective silver material similar to the inside of a high end softbox. This creates a beautiful quality of light.
  • Our custom-designed diffuser reduces specular highlights (little, bright hotspots). This makes for exceptionally even light throughout the studio.
  • This is a teriffic product for customers who operate an online store. Studies show that better photographs sell more products on Etsy and Ebay. The simplicity is what will allow even non-photo centric people to get great results. Artists, craftsman, and collectors will appreciate how much better their items will look when illuminated properly.
  • 2 LED light banks with mounting hardware
  • 1 AC powered transformer
  • 1 removable diffusion panel
  • 4 vinyl, seamless backgrounds (white, black, grey, orange)
  • Structural frame which can be disassembled for transport
  • 1 carry case