MagMod Basic kit

MagMod Basic kit


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The MagGrip’s universal design attaches to almost any hotshoe flash ever made, making it one small investment that grows with you and your business.

Want to upgrade your flash later down the road? No prob. The MagGrip works with a variety of mixed flash brands, so you won’t need to upgrade all of your modifiers when you move up to a different size flash.
MagMod is all about making photography easier, by simplifying the technical wizardry involved in creating amazing photographs.
The MagGrip is a one-size fits-all band that stretches around almost every professional hot-shoe flash ever created.

Simply stretch it around your hot-shoe flash and say goodbye to your flash modifier headaches, forever.

Each MagMod modifier is embedded with two freakishly strong neodymium "rare-earth" magnets that instantly, silently, and securely attach to your flash.
No more velcro, straps, or adhesives. ?Just attach it and forget about it.
Magmod modifiers are so ridiculously easy to use that regardless of your skill level, they will never get in the way of capturing great photos.

Don’t have time to fiddle with light modifiers? Throw on a MagMod in less than a second. ?Need to switch modifiers in the middle of a shoot? ?Swap them out without even thinking about it.

With a system this easy, your mind is free to explore new channels of creativity.

  • (1) MagGrip
  • (1) MagGrid
  • (1) MagGel
  • (1) Standard Gel Set
  • (1) MagMod Transmitter Band
  • (1) Carrying Pouch