Aurora Orion 400 Strobe



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  • 400 watt second models
  • Can be dialed down to a minimum of 12 watt seconds of power and up to 400Modern design constructed of durable, reinforced plastic to protect internal components and still remain extremely lightweight and portable
  • External shock protection with overheat/overcharge functions
  • Automatically dumps high power when setting unit to lower power
  • Power output is displayed in f-stops and W/s
  • Plug in modular design with no soldering or internal wiring
  • Accurate exposure over 5 f-stops
  • 1/10th f-stop power increments
  • Full power to 1/32 by one long button push
  • 1/32 to full power by one long button push
  • Fast acting fuse for modeling lamp
  • Visual flash confirmation
  • Flash ready indicator beep when charged
  • Fan cooled for extra reliability and stability
  • 5 Volt sync circuit
  • Rapid recycle time
  • Short flash duration
  • One-touch Uni-Lever mounting system for Reflectors and the complete Aurora Soft Boxes
  • Standard grid reflector and umbrella mount
  • CSA/Entela electrical certification ensures user safety and quality construction
  • Comes complete with flash tube, power cord, grid/umbrella reflector, and sync cord
  • Sync ON/OFF and modeling light "track" feature

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