Lomography SuperSampler Rubberized Blue

Lomography SuperSampler Rubberized Blue
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It's no wonder that the SuperSampler Rubberized Blue has been described as the queen of all multi-lensed cameras. Thanks to its four highly precise Japanese panoramic lenses, it can pack four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed 35mm photo. Awesome or what?

  • Feel It Up - The SuperSampler's rubberized texture makes holding the camera enjoyable even when you're not shooting.
  • Four On One - The SuperSampler Rubberized Blue will produce four sequential action-packed shots on one 35mm image.
  • Let It Rip - The patented quick rip-cord makes film advancing as easy as pulling a string.
  • Two Timer - Thanks to its speed switch, the SuperSampler Rubberized Blue allows you to shoot in two span modes: standard and high speed.