Pentax K-70 DSLR (black) with 18-55mm WR Lens

Pentax K-70 DSLR (black) with 18-55mm WR Lens


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The PENTAX K-70 has a compact body for easy carry-along to any outdoor shooting. Its outstanding weather-resistant performance and enormous imaging power, combining true-to-life image description and high-sensitivity shooting, make it extremely reliable, even in most demanding shooting conditions.

Whether it is under bright, blue skies, on wild, overcast days, in the gentle rains, or under dark, starry skies, the PENTAX K-70 captures the beauty of grand nature in an astonishingly beautiful image.

The PENTAX K-70: a camera that brings you new experiences, new excitement and new discoveries in beautiful scenery, while helping you to be more masterful in outdoor photography.

Outdoor-friendly design to expand the boundaries of photography in harsh weather and demanding environments
Despite its compact body, the PENTAX K-70 assures outstanding reliability in harsh environmental conditions, thanks to a dustproof, weather-resistant body and solid operation at -10°C. It can be used anytime and anywhere, without worrying about the weather or shooting location.

Super-high-sensitivity photography to capture dramatic scenes of nature in sharp, high-resolution images
Newly developed noise-reduction technology provides super-high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 102400 (standard output sensitivity), capturing beautiful, lively images of nature without a hint of grain, even at higher sensitivity settings. A combination of PENTAX-original SR (Shake Reduction) mechanisms with 4.5-shutter-step compensation and a high-resolution image sensor produces rich gradation and true-to-life texture.

Responsive, high-precision AF system to capture a sharp, crisp image of the subject in a wide range of photographic scenes
By incorporating a hybrid AF system — which harmonizes the advantages of a contrast-detection AF sensor and an image-plane phase-matching AF sensor — the PENTAX K-70 assures responsive, high-accuracy autofocus operation during Live View shooting using the LCD monitor. The optical viewfinder provides a large, clear image field with an approximately 100% field of view, allowing you to keep the subject in sight at all times.

  • APS-C-size CMOS image sensor with 24.24 effective megapixels
  • AA-filter-free design
  • AA-filter simulator: State-of-the-art function to minimize moiré and false colors
  • Dustproof, weather-resistant body
  • Outstanding cold-proof performance down to ?10°C
  • A compact, maneuverable body, handy for outdoor shooting
  • High-precision autofocusing even at ?3EV illumination level
  • DR (Dust Removal) mechanism
  • Top sensitivity of ISO 102400
  • PRIME MII imaging engine and new accelerator unit
  • In-body SR mechanism
  • Fine Sharpness and Extra Sharpness: Sharpness-enhancing tools to improve the image rendition of photographic works
  • An array of compensation functions: High-quality images assured, even at the edges of the image field
  • Diffraction compensation: Diffraction blur minimized at closed-down apertures
  • High-performance AF system to capture sharp, crisp images in a wide range of photographic scenes
  • Outdoor-friendly LCD monitor with a red-lighted monitor display function
  • Optical viewfinder with 100% field of view and 0.95-times magnification
  • High-speed AF operation during Live View shooting
  • Vari-angle LCD monitor
  • 1/6000-second high-speed shutter
  • 11-point multi-pattern AF system
  • Multi-mode AE system
  • Advanced 77-segment multi-pattern metering
  • Flawless continuous shooting of up to 40 images at approximately six images per second
  • Pixel Shift Resolution System: Optimizing the potential of the high-pixel image sensor to capture breathtaking, super-high-resolution images
  • ASTROTRACER: Automatic tracking of celestial bodies without an equatorial device
  • Bulb timer function
  • Double e-dials: Speedy control of the subject’s motion and the depth of field using Hyper Program and Hyper Manual modes
  • CTE (Color Temperature Enhancement): For faithful reproduction of the colors of your memory
  • Custom Image: For flexible expression of the desired tone and shade for each subject
  • Clarity control and Skin Tone correction: For effortless control of the subject’s texture
  • An array of customization tools: Personalizing your camera with favorite settings
  • USER Mode: Easy assignment of frequently used settings
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): Faithful reproduction of highlights and shadows
  • Digital filters: For creating a personalized image with multiple application of special effects
  • Multiple exposure: Three ways to synthesize creative visual expressions
  • Digital level: Accurate detection and at-a-glance indication of the camera’s horizontal and vertical tilt
  • Auto Horizon Correction: A convenient tool for easy composition of well-balanced images
  • Auto Picture Mode
  • Multi-pattern auto white-balance control
  • Movie recording: Many creative ways to enjoy high-quality movies
  • Star Stream movie mode: Creating a fantastic movie with traces of the stars
  • 4K-resolution Interval Movie shooting
  • Wi-Fi functions: For easy transfer of captured images to a smartphone
  • Shooting, viewing and sharing of images with Image Sync application
  • In-body RAW data development
  • Digital Camera Utility 5: Standard software for high-quality finish