Olympus CS-48 PR Premuim Leather Wrap

DISC V601069NW000

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Protect your premium camera quickly and easily with a luxurious wrapping cloth. This premium leather wrapping cloth has been crafted with beautiful leather tanned in Japan for superior quality. Sophisticated two-tone coloring shows superb craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of its design. The cloth easily wraps around the camera (with the lens attached) for protection from scratches and dust, and its strong construction resists fraying or fading. The attached cord conveniently holds the wrap in place around the camera. When not in use, the soft leather may be folded into a compact size for excellent portability.

The cloth is 19" by 19" in size and includes a strap to hold the wrap in place around the camera. See the extra photos which show how to properly wrap your camera.

  • Ultra-compact protection
  • Soft inner surface functions as cleaning cloth

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