Sony CLM-FHD5 HD Monitor


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  • Full HD 1920x1080 resolution – The perfect size for use with compact cameras and camcorders, the 5” Full HD 1920 x 1080 LCD monitor delivers big screen high-resolution image your camera is not capable of.
  • Focus assist with focus magnification function – Focus magnification function lets you enlarge an image to 3x or 6x magnification, making it easier to get sharp focus on your subject.
  • Focus assist with Peaking function – Focus peaking function assists you to get sharp focus quickly while manual focusing. It highlights the areas that are in focus in red, making it easier to get those crucial shots.
  • S-Log Disp. for exposure and contrast control – S-Log shooting assures wider dynamic range for smooth expression of gradation with reduced blown-out highlights and blocked-up shadows. This S-Log function displays images with the brightness and contrast close to how the images appear in regular shooting mode. This allows you to capture a flat S-log image while making it easier to control focus, contrast and exposure using the LCD monitor. S-Log Disp. Assist Gain Adjustment is selectable in values of +2, +1, 0, -1, and -2.
  • False Color function for accurate exposure setting. False Color display helps you set accurate exposure levels by converting brightness to numeric figures and displays those as colors. Red = 108% or more, Yellow = 100-108%, pink = 61-65%, Green = 41-45%, Blue = 3-10%, Violet = 3% or less. Therefore, if you want to shoot a person’s skin at 61 – 65%, adjust the exposure setting to get the skin tone and picture settings until the skin-tone appears as pink on the LCD while in False Color mode. This will ensure the captured image is at the correct settings in the camera.
  • Video Level Marker – Video Level Marker uses color to help you achieve optimum exposure and skin tone according to your user-selected target video signal level. Choose from five video signal levels to highlight the area of your image in green that matches the level you select. The rest of your image will indicate over and underexposed areas with dark gray indicating lower video signal level (areas of lower exposure) and light gray indicates higher video signal level (areas of higher exposure). Blue indicates blocked-up shadows and red indicates blown-out highlights. For example, if you want to capture your subject's skin at around 70% signal level, select 70% from the menu and adjust exposure setting until that the skin appears green on the LCD. This will ensure the captured image is at the correct settings in the camera.
  • Customizable buttons let you assign functions – Two customizable buttons allow you to assign frequently used functions to each; C1 and C2 buttons for fast access and easy operation.
  • Compatible w/ multiple camera batteries – Use the same batteries as your camera. The monitor uses the same W, M and V batteries as cameras do, so you can use it for long periods of shooting without having to bring along different batteries. There’s also an optional AC adaptor that's handy for long operating sessions without batteries. Various optional power sources include; 1. AC adaptor AC-PW10AM / 2. NP-FW50 / 3. NP-FM500H / 4. NP-FV50 / 5. NP-FV70 / 6. NP-FV100A
  • LCD hood and AR coating for outdoor use – The CLM-FHD5 features a sturdy removable LCD hood to shield from the sun and bright light while shooting as well as folding closed to protect your screen when not in use. The AR coating (anti-reflection) on the LCD is also great for outdoor shooting, minimizing glare and improving image viewing quality.