Sony 16-50mm F2.8 SSM Lens



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february-lenses-sony This remarkably compact and lightweight lens packs first-class optical performance and a versatile zoom range for your APS-C format camera. At the wide end you have a 16mm focal length that is ideal for interiors or sweeping landscapes. Zoom out to the 50mm end for mid-range telephoto reach that can bring details and distant subjects closer. What's more, you have a constant f/2.8 maximum aperture throughout the entire zoom range.

  • DT Lens Design: A more compact llens designed specifically for use with APS-C size sensors.
  • ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass: To reduce chromatic aberration at telephoto extension, correcting certain wavelengths of light for sharp, clear images with well defined colors.
  • Aspherical Lens Elements: To correct visual aberrations at wide-angle setting, enabling a lightweight lens to capture more visually accurate wide-angle shots.
  • Wide f/2.8 aperture: The SAL1650 features a large f/2.8 aperture for fast response and superb depth-of-field.
  • Circular Aperture: Because aperture blades form a near circle at the wide openings used for low-light shots, spot-light sources have a pleasing circular defocused effect.
  • Lens Type : Standard Zoom
  • Lens Mount Type : Sony A-mount
  • Aperture (Max.) : f/2.8
  • Aperture (Min.) : f/22
  • Filter Diameter : 72mm
  • Lens Groups-Elements : 13 groups, 16 elements
  • Minimum Focus Distance : 1' (30cm)
  • Distance Encoder : Yes
  • Angle of View : 83o- 32o
  • Aperture Blade : 7 blades (Circular aperture)
  • Focal Length (35mm equivalent) : APS: 24-75mm (35mm Equivalent: 16-50mm)
  • Lens Weight : 20.4 oz (577g)
  • Maximum Magnification : 0.2x
  • Dimensions (Approx.) : 3-1/4 x 3-1/2 (81 x 88mm)
  • Weight (Approx.) : 20.4 oz (577g)
  • Front and rear lens cap
  • SH117 lens hood

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