Leica T Vario-Elmar T 11-23mm F3.5-4.5 ASPH Lens

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Excellent sharpness for particularly wide and expansive shots.
The Leica T wide-angle zoom, equivalent to 17 to 35 mm in 35 mm format, offers excellent sharpness for particularly broad scenes. Ideal for capturing the beauty of architecture, richly detailed street views, imposing landscapes, and expressive scenes that you may find on your travels. The great advantage of wide-angle lenses is that you can pack so much more subject into your picture, even when you move in closer.

  • Compatible cameras: Leica T
  • Field angle (diagonal, horizontal, vertical): At 11 mm: approx. 103, 93, 70, at 23 mm: approx 65, 56, 39, corresponding to around approx. 17 - 35 mm focal length in 35 mm format.
  • Optical design: Number of lenses/groups: 14/11. Aspherical surfaces 4. Position of entrance pupil at infinity: bei 11 mm: -70 mm, at 23 mm: -59.7 mm.
  • Distance setting Setting/Function: Electronically controlled.
  • Mode selectable using camera menu: Automatic (AF) or manual (M), in AF mode manual override possible at any times with setting dial. Focusing range: 0,2 m to ?. Smallest object field/largest scale: at 11 mm: approx. 230 x 153 mm/f/9.7, at 23 mm: approx. 127 x 85 mm/f/5.4.
  • Aperture: Setting/Function: Electronically controlled, adjustment using dial on camera, third values also available.
  • Lowest value: 16.
  • Bajonet fitting: Quick-change bayonet Leica T with contact strip for Leica T models.
  • Filter mount/Lens hood: External bayonet fitting for lens hood (included), internal thread for E67 filters, filter mount does not rotate.
  • Finish: Black anodized.
  • Dimensions and Weight Length to bayonet mount: approx. 77/97 mm (without/with lens hood). Largest diameter: approx. 73/86 mm (without/with lens hood). Weight: approx. 386/395 g (without/with lens hood).