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Our experienced instructors will help expand your photographic skillset with workshops held at various locations. These classes cover a wide range of topics, in colour or black-and-white photography, using the latest digital imaging options. Workshops use techniques that are best developed utilizing a digital SLR or at a very minimum a digital camera that has full manual features. Evening workshops are divided into multiple sessions of approximately 2 hours each. Saturday workshops are full days of approximately 6 hours.

Workshop spaces will only be reserved with payment. Should you wish to cancel a spot in a workshop, 5 working days notice is required. If you have any questions please call 1-800-661-6980, or email workshops@mcbaincamera.com


Workshops & Events:

Beginning Lightroom

This 4 hour workshop covers the Library and Develop modules in Adobe Lightroom. You will learn everything you need to know to establish an effective workflow from importing your images, basic editing and conversions, to exporting your images and uplo…  » read more

Continuous Lighting

The focus is on product photography. Learn how to use continuous lighting to position and shape light to make your product photos stand out. You will learn how to use a copy stand and basic lighting techniques using a variety of continuous light sour…  » read more

Devonian Gardens Macro Photo Walk and Scavenger Hunt

Join McBain Camera for a Photo walk/macro scavenger hunt at the Devonian Gardens! Search for specific types of photos and once the walk is complete, submit your favorite photo from the day. Join us at McBain Camera's 107th Ave. location for coffee an…  » read more

DSLR Basics (Lethbridge)

Want to get better pictures with your new camera? DSLR Basics is a workshop that shows you what the different modes do, and when to use them. Start getting better pictures with the knowledge you will get from this workshop.…  » read more

Editing With Elements

This workshop gives you the skills to easily edit your images to maximize their impact, and bring them to the next level, whether you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Bring your laptop computer, and follow along through the steps.…  » read more

How to Clean Your Sensor

Learn how to clean your DSLR or mirrorless sensor. This 1 hour seminar will teach you how to clean not only your sensor, but also general camera cleaning techniques.

Cleaning supplies will be provided, Bring your camera and a fully cha…  » read more

Macro Photography

The Macro photography workshop explores close-up photography. It will show you what macro photography really is, and explore the various techniques and equipment to get the most out of your close-up shots.

Equipment List
Camera …  » read more

Mastering Your Digital Camera

The foundation for all other workshops, Mastering Your Digital Camera will teach you about the different shooting modes of your SLR. Some of the concepts covered are depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. It is recommended that you ta…  » read more

Mastering Your Digital Camera - Ladies Only

The foundation for all other workshops, Mastering Your Digital Camera will teach you about the different shooting modes of your SLR. This installment of the workshop is offered as a "Women Only" class to provide a comfortable learning experience you …  » read more

Neutral Density 101

Neutral Density 101

Take your landscape photos to the next level. Learn the difference between neutral density, graduated neutral density, and the different systems used to achieve the perfect landscape effects. Camera not required,…  » read more

Portrait Photography

Learn to capture breath-taking portraits in any situation. This six-hour course will cover a broad range of styles, from candid snaps to formal studio shooting. Experienced instructors will help you develop technical and conceptual knowledge that wil…  » read more

Studio Lighting

Learn how to use studio lighting to create amazing new images. Learn about metering, triggering, and positioning of lights to maximize the impact and effect. Mastering Your Digital Camera is a recommended pre-requisite to this workshop.…  » read more

Wagner Natural area Photo walk and Scavenger hunt

Join McBain Camera for a Scavenger photo walk at the Wagner Natural Area west of Edmonton. Search for specific types of photo opportunities, and once complete, submit your best photo. Then join all of the participants for coffee and snacks at McBain …  » read more