Used Equipment

Welcome to our Used Equipment Catalog!

At McBain Camera, we have Edmonton's largest collection of used, rare, classic and vintage cameras, SLRs, lenses and photographic equipment, whether it's film, digital or video! The days spent searching for months and months looking for that one special used item are over! Our online catalog gives you access to shop our wide range of used gear at your convenience.

Used equipment may be located at our 107th Ave (Main Store), Red Deer or Lethbridge locations, and may be shipped between locations. All used equipment has a location listed, but it is wise to contact the store to ensure availability. Questions and inquiries may be made directly to each store via email or by phone. We typically have over 400 items in our used inventory.

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Although we strive for to keep our used inventory listing 100% accurate, it is inevitable that variances do occur. If you are ordering an item that for some reason or another is not available we will notify you ASAP via E-mail. If you are ordering an item that may currently be on hold for another customer we will notify you as to its status, and should it become available again we will contact you. We will not charge anything to your credit card unless we can ship you the product.

Used Flashes

Item Price Mcbain ID Location  
Pentax AF-540 FGZ Flash $300.00 U5304656.3 Main Store
Olympus FL-300R Flash $89.95 U8222374.2 Red Deer
Minolta 2800 AF Flash $12.95 U8219614.6 Red Deer
Minolta 280PX Flash $19.95 U8213841.3 Red Deer
Canon 199A Speedlite $29.95 U8207574.1 Red Deer
Contax TLA30 Flash $29.95 U8213865.5 Red Deer
Pentax AF240FT Flash $10.95 U8223008.6 Red Deer
Metz 36 CT3 Flash $119.00 U815309 Red Deer
Pentax AF400T Flash $299.00 U815404 Red Deer
Vivitar 3500 Flash (M-TTL) $9.95 U8223959.3 Red Deer
Pentax AF-360RGZ Flash $150.00 U1379484.4 Main Store
Metz 32 CT4 Flash $99.00 U816682 Red Deer
Nikon SB-8E Speedlite $85.00 U816870 Red Deer
Phillips P536G Flash $99.00 U817269 Red Deer
Canon Off Camera Flash Cord $50.00 U1356749.7 Main Store
Nikon Macro Cool Light SL-1 $29.95 U8169357.8 Red Deer
Sony HVL-F20AM Flash $75.00 U1395341.6 Red Deer
Pentax AF220T Flash $60.00 U4206495.10 Main Store
Starblitz 3000BTS Flash $49.95 U8201139.2 Red Deer
Nikon SB-23 Flash $29.95 U8221609.4 Red Deer
Sigma EF-500 DF Super Flash (Canon) $150.00 U3196414.17 75th Street