LEE 100mm Deluxe Kit


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Get everything you need to get creative with your landscape photography and control a wide range of lighting conditions.

The Deluxe Kit includes a pre-assembled Holder with two filter slots along with a 105mm Accessory Ring for independently controlling the Polariser. A Landscape Polariser filter is included.

There’s a selection of three Neutral Density Grads that give a high degree of flexibility in many lighting conditions and landscapes.

The popular 10-stop Big Stopper long exposure filter is also part of the kit.

Comes complete with storage pouches to keep everything clean and safe.

  • 0.6 Neutral Density Medium Grad
  • 0.9 Neutral Density Hard Grad
  • 1.2 Neutral Density Medium Grad
  • 105mm Accessory Ring
  • Filter Holder
  • Landscape Polariser
  • The Big Stopper