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Easy-to-use Rebel DSLR cameras for more creative Control

Take your first steps in DSLR photography and enjoy great picture quality, responsive performance and new creative opportunities. Canon EOS Rebel digital SLR’s are easy to use and offer unparalleled flexibility, being supported by the extensive EOS system of lenses and accessories. Above great photos, the video has never been so easy to capture or looked so good. Shoot with stunning image quality for movies that will look great on your home TV as well as online. Also, built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (in select models) allows you to share those stunning photos you capture in an instant.

EOS Mirrorless cameras

From the EOS M series to the full-frame EOS R, Canon has something to offer everyone in a mirrorless camera. Compact, lightweight and totally portable, these cameras are ready to go wherever you take them, whether you’re exploring your hometown or discovering the world at large. Their intuitive operation and DSLR-like abilities make them perfect for the pro on the go or a budding photographer wanting to upgrade from a point and shoot.

Revoke your Amateur Status with advanced EOS DSLR cameras

Take your next steps in DSLR photography and explore new subjects and techniques that are both exciting and more creative. Discover advanced DSLR features that give you more control, and new levels of performance that will take your photography to new heights. Keep up with the action using faster continuous shooting, precise autofocusing and advanced video qualities. Also, built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (in select models) allows you to share each epic photo you’ve captured in an instant.

Get the whole picture and not just a fraction of it with full frame EOS DSLR cameras.

For those who demand the very highest standards in image quality, performance reliability – whatever the conditions demand, choose an EOS DSLR with a full-frame sensor and enjoy the ultimate in image quality, as well as fine control over depth of field for more dramatic effects. Also, built-in Wi-Fi allows you to share those breath-taking photos in an instant.

The Ultimate All-In-One Camera Series – PowerShot G Series

The PowerShot G-Series line-up packs serious photographic capabilities into compact bodies. Each camera features exceptional Canon lenses with a bright maximum aperture for speed, low-light performance, and shallow depth-of-field. With complete manual control and built-in Wi-Fi/NFC, you can share your vision in an instant.

Super-zoom cameras in compact bodies – The PowerShot SX Series

Capture it all with the PowerShot SX series super zoom cameras. The PowerShot SX series has a remarkable reputation for its super zoom capabilities, but that’s just one of many ways these cameras get you in closer. With compact design loaded with smart features, you can capture clear, crisp photos – whether you’re near or far, far away. Plus, built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (in select models) allows you to share those candid moments instantly.

Slim & Stylish Point-and-Shoot Cameras – The PowerShot ELPH Series

Smartphones can be handy for everyday photos but if you want high-quality images without any hassle of learning how to use it then the Canon ELPH cameras are a perfect choice. These pocket-sized cameras are sleek, stylish and small enough so that you can take it with you anywhere. Shoot and create with ultimate ease. Featuring high-quality optical zoom with Intelligent Image Stabilization, you can take great photos and videos with ease and effortlessly share your images with the world using Wi-Fi and NFC.

Canon Lenses

Canon Lenses

Perfect for Portraits

A Portrait Lens will provide a flattering perspective of your subject that is difficult to achieve with an 18-55mm Kit Lens. Canon’s Portrait Lenses have a larger aperture in comparison to a standard Kit Lens. A larger aperture gives a more shallow depth of field, which in effect blurs the background of the photo. If you want to reduce the blur a bit, all you have to do is close the aperture to the required amount, which gives large-aperture lenses a broader range of expressiveness over the Kit Lens.

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Get Close To the Action

An 18-55mm Kit Lens can be used to capture sporting moments, but to get into the game, a Telephoto Zoom gets you in closer from a distance. Telephoto Zoom Lenses offer powerful zoom performance for all sorts of situations, from candid portraits to sporting events, as well as nature and wildlife photography.

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Get A Wider Perspective

A wide-angle lens can be a powerful tool for exaggerating the depth, size and distance of both near and far-off objects. Compared to a standard 18-55mm Kit Lens, a wide-angle lens brings a bigger area into focus. It’s perfect for shooting many types of scenarios, from landscapes to confined interiors and large groups of people. A wide-angle lens delivers creative flexibility not available in other categories. By using a wide-angle lens, you can achieve the look of sweeping skies that seem to go on forever and capture a beautiful sunset that stretches for miles.

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Canon Technology Wi-Fi

Canon Technology

Full Frame:

Full-frame sensors found in Canon’s PRO DSLR’s like the EOS 5D Mark II and Advanced DSLRs like the EOS 6D lets you capture details otherwise missed by cameras with smaller sensors. Take full advantage of wide-angle lenses for astonishing landscapes, a low light performance that opens your artistic range, and shallow depth of field for stunning portraits.


The Mark of Distinction
The bright red line emblazoned on the lens barrel, the luxury of the letter “L”… Canon L Series lenses are not only distinguished by unsurpassed imaging performance, their superior operability and toughness, but also by the people who use them.

Just like our lineup of high-performance EOS cameras, Canon’s lenses are made entirely in-house with the help of our Lens Meisters. These masters of the lens crafting trade each holds a minimum of 25 years’ experience shaping glass and carefully assembling lenses – making them world leading experts.

Canon has been perfecting the process of building high-quality lenses for over 75 years, an innovating technology that pushed the boundaries of what was optically achievable. Incorporating specialized optical materials such as fluorite, super UD glass, and large aperture high precision aspherical lenses, L lenses have earned the overwhelming support of professional photographers by performing to the highest photographic standards.


Canon cameras with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC means you can instantly transfer your ready-to-share photos directly to your smartdevice. For NFC-capable Android devices, it’s as easy as tapping your camera to your phone to share your photos on social media. Plus, you can use your smartphone with the free Camera Connect app for more creative possibilities like remote shooting from your smartphone to make sure you’re getting yourself in that big group photo.

Fast, fun, portable and shareable – SELPHY Compact Photo Printers

Canon SELPHY compact photos printers let you effortlessly print your memories directly from your smartphone or memory card and create stunning quality prints that will last a lifetime. The easy-to-use portable line of printers means you can enjoy the convenience of wirelessly printing anytime, anywhere. Plus, with its built-in Wi-Fi you can print photos directly from your smartphone!

Bring your images to life with PIXMA PRO Printers

Owning a PIXMA PRO printer is a great way to be surrounded by your most cherished moments. After all, your best photos deserve to be displayed in your home, not just on your screen. With a PIXMA PRO printer, you’ll be able to print large 13 x 19” borderless prints and create beautiful wall art in the comfort of your own home. With the 8, 10 or 12 ink tank models available, these printers are designed to meet the demands of every photographer: from enthusiasts to professionals.

Canon Canada is a highly-respected market leader in business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. The extensive line of Canon products is constantly evolving to reflect the technological innovation the company is renowned for. Canon strongly believes in reinvesting in its research and development to enhance the performance of our complete product line-up. Canon ensures that all our products are built to help our customers with the easy to use designs and technologies. Why? Because It Counts.